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In Home Organization 


What it includes:

Working with a professional organizer 1 on 1

Time shopping for supplies 

Time spent designing and building strategies

Installation of supplies if needed

Brief clean of area being worked on

Up to 1 car full of donation bag removal


Starting at $135                        


** This does not include products needed to purchase**

Space Design

What it includes:

1 hour consultation discussing your goals for the space. (Color, Theme, Furniture, etc.)

Time spent shopping and designing a layout for your space

Communication with organizer throughout entire process

Communication with other service providers if needed

Building/re-arranging furniture 

Installing new products

Up to 1 car load of donations


Starting at $180 -Labor

Give us your budget and let us work our magic!!


Packing                                          /                                    Unpacking                                       

What packing includes:

Working 1 on 1 with an organizer to purge rooms and help decide what to keep/donate

Items keeping are neatly placed in separate categories and boxed away

Boxes included

Starting at $245


What unpacking includes:

Unloading truck

Placing furniture

Unpacking boxes

Whole home Organization

Communication with organizer throughout process

Call for Quote

Holiday Decorating

What it includes:

1 on 1 consultation with organizer 

Time sorting through/purchasing  decorations

Decoration of interior of home

Minimal outside decorations

Starting at $135

Maintenance and Upkeep

What it includes:

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly sessions with your own personal organizer

Organizer will upkeep most used areas in your home (pantry, refrigerator , Kid's playroom, etc.)

Brief clean of kitchen and living room

Weekly   : $540
Bi-weekly  : $270
Monthly  : $135

Payments will be made Monthly


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